Rebblers Kart


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Rebblers REBBLERS KART is our compact racing simulator with a cool KART seat. The REBBLERS KART is super compact which has a lot of advantages when storing it and what you don't notice while racing. Whether you want to enjoy Rally racing or Formula 1 racing, the REBBLERS KART can do it all! Thanks to the patented system, the frame can be adjusted in an instant.

The REBBLERS KART is made of durable materials such as aluminum and double stainless steel guide tubes, making the REBBLERS KART super sturdy and stable. The steering column and the pedal plate are adjustable for everyone's length and height. These slide over the double stainless steel tubes and can be fixed by hand using the handy star knob bolts. Any brand of steering wheel will fit on the steering column, as will the pendals. With a clamp system or bolts you can secure the steering column and pedals. Compatible with Thrustmaster, Hori, Fanatec, Logitech etc.

EAN code: 8720299830684
Weight: 20.5 kg
Material: stainless steel, aluminum and plastic
Color: Black
Size: Packing 1 > 45x37x27cm Packing 2 > 77x39x22cm
Simulator size: 140 x 50 x 60 cm