Jack Plooij - There's always something happening in the pits


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Language: Dutch
Bindwijze: Paperback
Number of pages: 216

Lead author: Jack Plooij
Main publishing house: Volt
EAN: 9789021425931

There's always something happening in the pits is Jack's eyewitness account of a year in which the coronavirus gripped Formula 1. With stories about how it actually came about that RTL Germany already seemed to know that the GP in Melbourne would not take place, about racing in a simulator, and about the lobby he conducted with Olav to finally be allowed to go back to the circuits. . But of course also about the backgrounds to all races, Lewis's seventh title, Max's patience, Fernando Alonso's comeback, the sea of flames from which Romain Grosjean miraculously emerged, and what was that all about at Ferrari?

As the pit reporter in the Netherlands, Jack Plooij has already experienced a lot in racing, but 2020 is a year that he will not soon forget. It should have been a season like any other, with as usual speculation about a world championship for Max, undoubtedly the necessary hassle at Ferrari and at the end of the season just Lewis Hamilton lonely at the top.

It all went a little differently. First there was that exciting heart surgery to get Jack back on his feet, then there was that weekend at Melbourne Park, where the F1 season was pulled at the last minute. The coronavirus has taken hold of the entire circus. No sooner had Jack returned than everything was locked up here too. The dental practice closed, no more Formula 1 and no more theater tour with Olav.